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¿Cuándo has percibido la necesidad de estar atraído por massage therapist? Te facilitamos anuncios de contactos de chicos o mujeres que te harán descubrir un amante ideal. Se pueden encontrar usuarios abiertos, solteros, experimentados, gordos, gente con sobrepeso o sumisos. Ocasionalmente es complicado hallar lo que uno necesita, pero eso evidencia que tendrás que tomar el primer paso y acceder en el anuncio idóneo dentro de nuestra web de contactos. Los clasificados de coito online están empezando a manifestar el inmenso apetito que tienen otros para compensar sus vidas amorosas. Motivado por esto, te estimulamos a que nuestra web de contactos sea tu lugar de referencia.

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worldwide: docile all round house servant and passionate ladysitter for the mature dame (24/7)



Are you interested in having your own ductile house valet? One, who is always available and takes care of all your inconveniences with dedication and devotion?
Then please allow me to introduce myself.

I am 38 years young and, throughout my life, I have only ever felt attracted to life-experienced ladies.
Accordingly, I was always looking exclusively for a matrons, in the best and most desirable age.
And I found the maximum fulfilment in being able to realize their wishes as desired. With my complete dedication and a boundless concupiscence.
This is my veriest passion.
Mature ladies are the true goddesses ! ! !

I am not having obligations towards third parties and am therefore by no means tied to any specified location
(In this very moment I am in Spain. (May 2022))

I'm courteously, diligent and motivated.
So far I have always been highly complimented for my work. This is not only related to my constant readiness when being solicited to fulfill the lady’s lust.
My services include the whole household, as well as the garden. (I love plants. And I would love to get us self-sufficient with the healthiest food possible.)
Furthermore I indeed like to serve as an empathic and perceptive massage therapist as well.

My areas of interest are disproportionately diverse. Also I am very open-minded and I am used to being consistently asked for joining a conversation.

If a husband is existing, would that certainly be anything but an obstacle for me. As long as he just respects the fact that I stay 100% straight heterosexual.

Of course I have the necessary experiences in all the mentioned fields of activity.

Thanks to my consequent and consistent diet, I managed to stay always healthy since more than 12 years.

Although I am very used to speak and discuss in English, it is not my native language! So, especially if you like me speaking extremely polite, maybe in an older fashioned way, it would sadly take a few weeks until I’ll fulfill this kind of requirement!

My appearance, especially the long hair and my beard:
I have started to like it, but I'm by no means overly attached to them. So it will also be my delight that my look becomes adequate.

Of course it will be my pleasure to answer all of your questions. About what ever they will be.

My passion is to serve, and in my whole life I only found true fulfilment in helping other people.


• Of course I know how to keep a clean and tidy household.
• cleaning
• clean up
• washing
• doing the dishes
• cooking: only within a limited field of possibilities (I'm vegan myself! But I can definitely also prepare some other kinds of meal.)
et cetera

• gardening of all kinds (raising a self-sufficiency garden would be amazing for me.)
• various janitor and caretaker jobs (except for more complex electrical engineering)
• various manual works and handicrafts (If you have good and complying tools.)
• gathering of information (internet research and offline)
• able to handle various software (MS Office and digital image processing, a little sound and video processing. I try to use Linux. I have an affinity for learning about new programs. If something likely would be requested.)
• I call myself a DJ/Video-DJ with many years of experience and an entertaining archive.
• organisational work
• event technology basics and some circumferential

• simple nursing or caregiving tasks I do definitely not dislike. Possibly also more complex ones, if I receive the appropriate training.
• empathic massages (just for women! For men only in urgent cases.)
• little knowledge of naturopathy
• supporting creativity (also crisis management)
• precognition in less conventional areas (political, biological, physical, technical, philosophical, theological, historical, maybe also para-/meta-topics), but neither in sports nor in modern movies
• daily willingness to learn
• best German speaking skills
• Spanish unfortunately only at a kindergarten level
• experiences with different kinds of animals

• To see the esteemed lady completely happy and satisfied is my greatest and most heartfelt concern! I am willing to give everything for this!

• I always try to live in mindfulness and awareness of my environment.
• Without any exceptions the way my decisions are made is fundamentally and completely based on the accordance with my conscience.

Thank you very much for taking notice of these concerns which are coming from the bottom of my heart.

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Ashley Madison - Have an affair. Married Dating, Affairs, Married Women, Extramarital Affair

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